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No 1 The Granary, Station Road, Great Ryburgh, NR21 0TG

Phone: 01328 829834   Email: enquiries@ryburghshop.co.uk

Proud to be Community owned…

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At Ryburgh Village Shop our philosophy is a simple one. If it’s local and if it’s fresh - then it’s for us! As a wholly community owned and locally run shop we wouldn’t want to offer our customers anything that we wouldn’t be happy offering to our friends and neighbours. Alongside the more usual groceries and household items we pride ourselves in offering the very best that this beautiful part of Norfolk has to offer.

Our award winning sausages are made at Perfick Pork - only a two minute walk from the shop, our eggs come from the Savory’s farm on Highfield Lane and our apple juice comes from the royal estate at Sandringham. In season we sell local fruit and vegetables - grown in the gardens of Ryburgh residents - and locally made chutneys, jams, cakes and preserves.

Whether you are a local resident, or a visitor to the area, you’ll find that we offer our customers something just a little bit special…

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